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Endorse Helen for Re-Election!


Dear Friends,

Together, we have accomplished so much over the past three and a half years. And together, we can meet the challenges we face and accomplish even more. 

That's why I'm running for re-election.

As an incumbent seeking re-election, I believe that we must ask a critical question: have I accomplished things that might not have been accomplished had someone else held this office?

As reported in "The New York Daily News," I helped save the City over $600 million by compelling the Department of Education to re-bid a bloated $1.1 billion contract awarded to a single bidder. The re-bid contract was awarded to over a dozen firms - many of which were women and minority-owned businesses.

Because "separate is never equal," I supported parent leaders who voted 9-1 in a consensus vote to adopt the first public school integration plan for the Upper West Side in more than 50 years - and helped persuade City Hall to adopt it. This plan was endorsed by the Editorial Boards of The New York Times and The New York Daily News.

You can learn about the work we've done over the past four years - on schools, affordable housing, civil rights, diversity, small businesses, pedestrian safety, the environment, women, and more on this website.

All of this is thanks to your support. 

But to get more done, I need your help. I hope I can count on your vote on Tuesday, November 7. Together we can continue making progress for our Upper West Side community. 

Please remember to turn your ballot over to vote on three Ballot Proposals.



Helen Rosenthal
Candidate for Re-election
Councilwoman District 6, Upper West Side

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