Helen with a happy dog friend at Fred's (July 16, 2017).

Humane treatment of animals is a legislative priority for Helen - she has sponsored many bills in support of animals: lions and tigers, carriage horses, household pets, and more. And, there’s always more we can do. Helen is already building on her successes from her first term. Helen plans to introduce bills that promote action, such as banning horse-drawn carriages in Central Park. Animals deserve to be treated humanely and Helen works hard to make sure that their rights are protected. Read more below!

Helen is taking the lead, here are some legislative highlights (details below):

  • Helen supports Meatless Mondays.
  • Helen banned the use of wild animals in circuses.
  • Helen opposes horse-drawn carriages.
  • Helen has sponsored many pieces of legislation in support of humane treatment: calling for more animal shelters, publishing animal cruelty information, advocating against the use of horse-drawn carriages, and heightening pet shop code and standards.

Helen’s goals for the next four years:

  • Promote public health awareness and action.
  • Ban horse-drawn carriages from operating in New York City.
  • Introduce more humane treatment legislation to support animals.

 Helen Supports Meatless Mondays

A plant-based diet is proven to benefit personal health, the environment, and animals. It can offer health benefits in the prevention and treatment of diseases such as heart disease, obesity, hypertension, and type-2 diabetes. It also uses fewer resources and causes less pollution than an animal-based diet. Helen promoted the public health benefits of a reduced-meat diet by teaming up with Council Member Corey Johnson to introduce a resolution proclaiming all Mondays to be “Meatless Mondays,” encouraging residents to eat more plant-based meals once a week.

Helen Banned the Use of Wild Animals in Circuses

Using wild and exotic animals in circus performances is cruel and does not serve any productive purpose. Wild animal circuses are also a public health concern because of the potential for injury and disease spread. Helen co-sponsored Int. 1233-2017, which banned their use in circuses and other exotic performances - working to prevent these hazards and inhumane actions.

Helen Opposes Horse-Drawn Carriages

Carriage horses are forced to work for long hours under poor conditions without grazing space. They are subjected to dangerous traffic and sent to slaughter at the end of their working careers. Helen co-sponsored Int. 0573-2014 to ban horse-drawn carriages from operating in New York City - improving conditions for these animals. She plans to work with advocacy organizations like NYCLASS and Empire State Humane Voters to ensure that this bill is introduced.

Helen is Dedicated to Humane Treatment of Animals

Helen has co-sponsored humane legislation including: Int. 0573-2014, which works to ban the use of horse-drawn carriages in New York City; Int. 0132-2014, which requires the NYPD to publish information about animal cruelty complaints on their website semi-annually; and Int. 0485-2014, which requires animal shelters to exist in all five boroughs as opposed to the previous requirement of just three boroughs. She also sponsored a series of bills in 2014 that heighten pet shop code and standards, including Local Law 78, which requires facilities housing animals for 24 hours a day to install automatic sprinkler systems in case of fire.

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