Top left: Helen attends the Women's March on NYC (January 21, 2017) Bottom left: Helen with neighbors at a Family Day event (July 29, 2017) Right: Helen speaks at the Day Without a Woman rally on International Women's Day alongside fellow feminists (March 8, 2017).

Women make up half of our population but are not economically, socially, or culturally equal to men. Although it was proposed every year in Congress between 1923 and 1979, the Equal Rights Amendment has yet to be passed. Helen strongly believes that it is integral that we value the work that women contribute to our families, communities, and economy. As Co-Chair of the Women’s Caucus, she fights for gender economic equity, advocates for women to participate in government, and supports women both on the Upper West Side and throughout New York City. Helen has Co-Chaired the Women’s Caucus this past term and has been pushing for gender economic equity and representation across city representations. And, there’s always more we can do. Helen is already building on her successes from her first term. She hopes to provide greater support to women running for government positions and introduce legislation to ensure that social service workers, many of whom are women, earn equitable wages. Learn more below!

Helen is taking the lead, here are some legislative highlights (details below):

  • Helen is Co-Chair of the Women’s Caucus.
  • Helen advocates for women to participate in government.
  • Helen fights for gender economic equity, particularly in social service, where 80% of employees are women of color.
  • Helen supports female firefighters.

Helen’s goals for the next four years:

  • Advocate for the valuing of women’s work.
  • Support women running for government positions.
  • Introduce legislation for human service workers, most of whom are women of color, to be paid a living wage.

 Helen Advocates for Women in City Council

As Co-Chair of the Women’s Caucus alongside Laurie Cumbo, Helen is a strong advocate for women to run for City Council and participate in government. She values the voices of women: advocating for them to stand up and speak out for important issues.

Helen Supports Gender Economic Equity

Helen takes on the persistent and widespread economic discrimination targeted at women with an emphasis on valuing the work that women contribute to our economy. Social service non-profit workers, 80% of whom are women of color, care for our seniors, foster children, homeless, and disabled individuals. Despite this essential work, these workers are paid poverty wages by all levels of government. Helen is adamant that our human service workers be paid a living wage.

Helen Supports Female Firefighters

There are currently only 51 women firefighters serving in the New York City Fire Department (FDNY): this comprises less than .5% of the 10,500 member workforce. Women comprise 4% of all firefighters nationwide, but in cities like San Francisco and Minneapolis, women comprise 10-15% of all firefighters. Helen worked to keep the FDNY accountable for their low recruitment of women firefighters by teaming up with Council Member Elizabeth Crowley to introduce legislation that would require the FDNY to post an annual report online that details the racial and gender demographics of people undergoing the often years-long application process to become a New York City firefighter. City Council passed their bill, Local Law 49 of 2015, and the first report is currently under review.



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